Maximized Mobility Inc.

Maston Mini

2-3 Seater Cabin Scooter

Black, Silver, Blue, White

Maston Mini

2-3 Seater Cabin Scooter

 Black, Silver, Blue, White 

Descriptions / Specifications and Safety and Security Features

(Safety and security features highlighted in red)

Dimensions: 88” x 45” x 63” / 2270 X 1150 X 1605 mm

Body Materials: Steel Frame, ABS

Body Type: Cabin

Motor:  Electric 1500 w

Maximum Speed: 40 km

Maximum Load: 615 lbs / 278 kg

Minimum Ground Clearance: 6" / 150 mm

Running Distance: 60-80 km

Batteries: 60 v / 64 ah Sealed Lead Acid

Rated Volt: 48 v / 60 v

Charger: 110 v, Charger (included)

Charging Time: 6-8 hrs.

Wheel size: 13”

Navigation: Handlebars, Brake, Forward, Reverse, Backup Camera

Lights: Head Lights, L/H Beams, Rear lights, Brake Lights, Signals, 

Emergency 4 Way Flashers

Multi-Function LCD Panel: Speed, Mileage, Battery Usage

Doors: Key Entry, Manual Lock, L/R Ease of Access Open

Windows: Power

Windshield: Glass, Electric Wiper

Seats: Leather, Adjustable, Belt

Mirrors: L/R/ Sides, Body Mounted, Adjustable

Brakes: Electromagnetic

MP 3 Player, Radio, USB Port