Maximized Mobility Inc.


2-3 Seater Cabin Scooter

Black,Yellow, White, Red, Black. Silver, Brown, ETC.!

​Descriptions / Specifications and Safety and Security Features

(Safety and security features highlighted in red)

Dimensions: 90.5" x 45.5” x 64’’ /2300 x 1080 x 1610 mm

Body Material: Steel Frame /ABS

Body Type: Cabin, Sunroof

Motor: Electric 1200 w Brushless

Load Capacity: 669 lbs / 300 kg

Net Weight: 500 lbs / 230 kg

Maximum Speed: 35 km

Running Distance: 60-80 km

Battery: 60 v / 32 ah Sealed Lead Acid

Rated Volt: 48 v / 60 v

Charging Voltage: 110 v

Charge Time: 6-8 hrs.

Navigation: Handlebars, Hand Break, Horn, Backup Camera

Mirrors: L/R Body Mounted, Adjustable

Dashboard: Lighted, Digital

Dashboard Indicators: Signals, Speed, Mileage, Lights, Heater, Defrost, Vents

Lights: Head Lights, H/L Beams, Rear / Backup Lights F/B Signals

Emergency 4 Way Flashers

Seats: Leather, Adjustable, Reclining, Front Headrest,

Windows: Manual Operation

Windshield: Glass, Electric Wiper

Doors: Key Entry, Manual Lock, L/R Ease of Access Open

Brakes: F/B Disc, Hand Break, Emergency Break

Interior Comfort: Heat, Defrost

Wheelbase: 3’3”

Tire Size: 10”

Anti-Theft: Kill Switch

Bluetooth / Radio, USB Port